About Brenda Mueller


My career in music started early. I began singing with my family’s gospel group when I was seven years old. That was also when I began learning to play the piano.

My mom played piano, my dad played bass and my brother played drums. We traveled throughout the Midwest on the weekends. When I was nine I started learning to play the guitar and immediately started playing rhythm guitar with the group.

When I went to junior high, I learned to play the clarinet and saxophone.

By the time I turned sixteen my family’s group disbanded and I went solo. I also began teaching private lessons at this time and I have enjoyed it very much.



3 thoughts on “About Brenda Mueller

  1. vishalicious says:

    Hi Brenda, Its Vish from the Ugly Bass Face blog.

    I’m starting a group on Facebook dedicated to bass & music theory blogs and wanted to invite you to join. You can post links to your blog (especially to individual entries, even historical ones) on it to both generate traffic to your site and to share information with the world-at-large (at least as it exists on FB).

    If you’re interested in joining it, its a public group. You can find it by searching for “Bass blogs” on Facebook or by using this link:


    I’ll begin advertising it in the next few days, after I’ve invited more bass & music bloggers to join it.

    Take care!

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