Music Technology in the Classroom -

Music Technology in the Classroom

Technology is revitalizing the way aspiring musicians compose, produce, and perform music. Music teachers and student alike can experience the benefits of technology and its ability to bring music education to new levels.


Ed-Tech in the Classroom

How is technology use in the typical classroom? Here’s how teachers from all grade levels responded to a 2013 PBS learning survey.

Reported Benefits

74% said it reinforces and expands on curriculum.
74% said it motivated students to learn.
73% said it motivates students to respond to a variety of learning styles.

Types of Devices

11% Interactive table
59% Interactive whiteboard
35% Tablets/e-readers

Primary Uses

48% Online lesson plans
45% Web-based interactive games
44% Delivery vehicle for information to parents/students

Action Step: How is music technology being used in your child’s classroom? Please leave your comment below.


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