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How to Warm Up Your Voice


Here are a few vocal warm-ups.


Click to practice.

Continuant Consonants: Many nanny meaning leaning kneeling railing raining real

Unvoiced Consonants: chair care tar par tacky chatty catchy

Partially Voiced consonants: Bar grill deal Jill good dead jade bread

Fully voiced Consonants: Very measure zero they treasure mere Zen then

Aspirant, or Whispered Consonants: Who how flew show three see shy thigh

Use a slow but steady pace

When practicing your high notes, start in the mid-range and then practice singing higher and higher. Practice your scales going from the low note to the high note and then back again.


Click to practice.

Sing: Mah——————— Mah ————————-

Find your vowel

Singers have a particular vowel that works best for them. You have to find yours. This is called vowel modification. Experimental singing will help give you an idea what vowel works best with your singing voice.


Click to practice

Day, say, pray, may, dry, whine, line, cry


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