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How to Choose the Right Song to Sing

Making the right song choice is so important when you are a vocalist. There is nothing worse than someone else choosing a song for you to sing and they don’t know anything about your vocal range or abilities.

Here are some tips to help you choose your next song to perform.

When choosing a song:

  • Don’t choose a song that the audience can’t relate to
  • Don’t choose a song that is too difficult for your ability
  • Don’t choose an inappropriate key for your voice
  • Don’t choose a song who’s melody does not stand out

How do you choose the right song? - musiclessonscalifornia.comHow do you choose the right song?

There may not be such a thing as “the perfect song”, but good song choice can determine your success.

Consider this:

  • Your skills – Be honest. What are your skills? Do you believe that you are as good as Whitney Huston when in reality you are great at singing at the local county fair?
  • Your audience – What is the occasion that you are singing for? Wedding, funeral, church service, local bar. Choose a song that reflects the occasion.
  • Vocal abilities – I mentioned Whitney Huston earlier as an example, so I will use her again. Can you belt out the lyrics at the height of the piece or is your voice weak when you attempt belt it out.
  • The key – Make sure you know your range is, so you have a narrowed list to choose from. If someone else is choosing the song and they know about music, share with them your range so they can narrow down the choices for you, or transpose the piece to your key.
  • The lyrics – the song should be one that your audience may know and will enjoy hearing.
  • The melody – choose a song with a catchy melody. You want your audience to remember it and sing it to themselves later on.


Tip: One of your skills as a vocalist should be to read music. If you can read music then you will know what your range is on the staff. Then you can pick-out any music book or sheet music and look it over and know by the notes if it will work for you without even trying it.

Question: Have you ever performed a song that you knew was not a good song choice? Please leave your comment below.


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