Fantastic Facts about Your Voice

The human voice is the first and most natural musical instrument, also the most emotional. Klaus Schulze


The voice works in three parts:

  • the power source (breath)
  • the vibratory source (vocal folds)
  • the amplification (various spaces in the throat, mouth, and nose)


Good lung capacity is essential for singers to sustain notes. Swimming and interval training is among the most effective exercise.




The muscles of your neck, chest, jaw, lips and tongue all work in collaboration for you to sing or speak. More than 100 muscles work together when you sing or speak a single phrase.




Singers rely heavily on good lung capacity to take in a large amount of air to expel for a complex line of a song. Not only does this higher oxygen intake improve endurance, it can also improve brain health, increase alertness and reaction time, and decrease drowsiness.


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