Another Shout Out for Fast Track!


recommendMy daughter Taylor has been taking lessons for a few years now. She has progressed over the years, but there have been ups and downs when it comes to her results. Much of this has been attributed to her lack of motivation to practice at home when she should, due to busy schedules and just typical kid burn out. She recently completed a round of the Fast Track Lessons with Brenda and I was absolutely amazed at the results. We were already noticing a major difference by day 3. The fact that she didn’t have to practice at home, but instead attended every day concurrently, allowed her to approach it highly motivated and the results showed. I am so glad Taylor did the Fast Track lessons, and we plan on continuing to have her do those periodically, as well as continuing her regular lessons as well. We are so thankful for Brenda’s efforts and work with our Taylor!

Monica Pfanner, Modesto




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