Method Books for Teaching

Today I am writing about keeping different method books available for students.

In the past I have had the experience of starting a student off in a method book that I was familiar with and comfortable with for teaching. I didn’t realize that the method I liked was not helping my student. There would be frustration and a slower learning process because of it.

Over the years I have purchased other method books some I really didn’t like and others that are a real hit with my students. There are the ones that I always keep on hand so I can evaluate the student and figure out which books are going to work best for them.

Music Lessons California - Method Books for Students

Piano Method Books

I encourage anyone beginning teaching or someone like me who has been doing it for year to not stick to one particular methodology when it comes to teaching music. Mix it up. Keep things fresh with your teaching and give your students a chance to try new material. They may surprise you and really like a method book that you didn’t think would work.

If you teach more than one instrument, keep a couple of different method books for all of them. Let’s face it, you know you would like to have a large library of music books! I can’t get enough of them.

Students will enjoy seeing the different colors and covers of the books you have available to them. One book in your library may give them an incentive to work hard so they can get to that book.

So let’s end on a good note: look through your library of music books and see if you need to update your collection. Investigate and get reviews on methods you may not be familiar with. If you need to thin out your library, give some of you old books away to students as prizes for a job well done.


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