It’s Bobby Sherman’s Birthday!



Robert Cabot “Bobby” Sherman, Jr. (born July 22, 1943) is an American singer, actor and occasional songwriter, who became a popular teen idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Song List

  • 1962 “Judy, You’ll Never Know (I’ll Never Tell You)”/”The Telegram” (Starcrest)
  • 1964 “I Want to Hear It From Her”/”Nobody’s Sweetheart” (Dot)
  • 1964 “You Make Me Happy”/”Man Overboard” (Decca)
  • 1965 “It Hurts Me”/”Give Me Your Word” (Decca)
  • 1965 “Hey Little Girl”/”Well, Allright” (Decca)
  • 1965 “Anything Your Little Heart Desires”/Goody Galum-Shus” (Parkway)
  • 1965 “Happiness Is”/”Can’t Get Used To Losing You” (Cameo)
  • 1967 “Cold Girl”/”Think Of Rain” (Epic)
  • 1969 “Judy, You’ll Never Know (I’ll Never Tell You”)/”The Telegram” (Condor) (reissue)
  • 1969 “Little Woman”/”One Too Many Mornings” (Metromedia), Pop #3
  • 1969 “La La La (If I Had You)”/”Time” (Metromedia), Pop #9, Adult Contemporary #14
  • 1970 “Easy Come, Easy Go”/”Sounds Along the Way” (Metromedia), Pop #9, Adult Contemporary #2
  • 1970 “Hey, Mister Sun”/”Two Blind Minds” (Metromedia), Pop #24, Adult Contemporary #3
  • 1970 “Julie, Do Ya Love Me”/”Spend Some Time Lovin Me” (Metromedia), Pop #5, Adult Contemporary #2
  • 1971 “Goin’ Home (Sing a Song of Christmas Cheer)”/”Love’s What You’re Getting For Christmas” (Metromedia)
  • 1971 “Cried Like a Baby”/”Is Anybody There” (Metromedia), Pop #16, Adult Contemporary #9
  • 1971 “The Drum”/”Free to Roam Now” (Metromedia), Pop #29, Adult Contemporary #2
  • 1971 “Waiting At The Bus Stop”/”Run Away” (Metromedia), Pop #54
  • 1971 “Jennifer”/”Getting Together” (Metromedia), Pop #60, Adult Contemporary #9
  • 1972 “Together Again”/”Picture A Little Girl” (Metromedia), Pop #91
  • 1972 “I Don’t Believe In Magic”/”Just A Little While Longer” (Metromedia)
  • 1972 “Early In the Morning”/”Unborn Lullabye” (Metromedia), Pop #113
  • 1974 “Mr. Success”/”Runaway” (Janus)
  • 1975 “Our Last Song Together”/”Sunshine Rose” (Janus), Adult Contemporary #34

3 thoughts on “It’s Bobby Sherman’s Birthday!

  1. Lynne Settle says:

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby do ya love me?
    I was a bit ahead of my age froup…but MY first teen age singing heart throb was YOU, BOBBY SHERMAN!
    My heart still skips a beat at the thought of you…do ya know??
    Happy Birthday!

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