Fast Track Music Lessons are Starting Soon!

Keep watching for my announcements. Fast Track Lessons will be starting very soon and you don’t want to miss out if you are in the Modesto, Ca area.

These are exciting and fun lessons! The students are loving the program and the results they are seeing in their progress.


Music Lessons California is located in Modesto, California. Music Lessons California offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, clarinet lessons, saxophone lessons, ukulele lessons and much more. Music lessons are taught by Brenda Mueller. Music Lessons California offers an exciting new method for learning: Fast Track Music Lessons. Fast Track Music Lessons are taught to the student’s learning style. Fast Track Music Lessons says it all. Telescoping, is where the student is immersed in the study of music with rapid
progression through material. Telescoping teaching is accelerating and deepening the learning, not speeding up the amount of “teaching” or material “covered”. For more information visit:, or

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