Get Jazzed about Music Lessons!

tod_musicBack-to-school season is here and it is time to sign the kiddos up for the extra-curricular activities. Music lessons should be near the top of your list!

Music lessons are very good to bolster creativity in the student. Music is fun, logical,  mathematical, and rewarding.


The music teacher that you choose should make music lessons fun and not a chore. Students should have competitions, goals, performances and fun music theory. Students should look forward to going to their music lessons. I have students that wish their lessons were longer.


Music can be an outlet for students who like to read and write. If a student loves creative writing, they can learn how to put their stories and poems to music.

My students will pick a topic, write a short story or layout a thought and then we will create tune. This is a lot of fun to see the expression on their face when their words are set to music.


There is logic can be applied to music in many ways. Listening to the notes and deciding if they are high or low sounds. When your hand is moving up or down the neck of a guitar are the notes higher or lower. This also applies to the piano.

When a student looks at the staff they have to decide whether one note is higher or lower on the staff  then the one before it. If the note is higher on the staff do you keep playing in the same location on the instrument or do you need to move your hand up on the instrument as well?

Mathematical – Mathematicians make great musicians. 

Music is all about math! The student needs to be able to count, understand fractions, and understand intervals. Understanding sound waves can be helpful.

The students that I have that are good math students do very well when it comes to learning music.

Choose music lessons as an extra-curricular activity for your kids. These are lessons that will last a lifetime, build character, confidence and develop a talent. That is an investment that will pay-off for many years to come.


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