Tomorrow is National Drive-Thru Day!

I’ve been seeing posts with pictures on Facebook of people riding their horses through the drive-thru so I thought I would re-post a past blog with two of my favorite guys, Rhett and Link.

Rhett and Link created these two funny videos about the drive-thru, enjoy!

Drive-Thru Rap

Drive-Thru Folk Song

Facts about the Drive-Thru

  • The first drive-thru opened in 1947 (and it wasn’t a McDonald’s)
  • The first drive-thru-focused chain opened in 1951 (and it wasn’t McDonald’s)
  • Midafternoon is when drive-thrus are fastest and friendliest.
  • The drive-thru is getting slower.
  • McDonald’s didn’t have a drive-thru until 1975.
  • Drive-thru design heavily influences what we order.
  • Wendy’s has quickest service, Chick-fil-A is most accurate.
  • Drive-thrus are increasingly important to Starbucks.
  • Panera studied drive-thrus for 10 years before opening one.
  • Chipotle is a drive-thru holdout, and may never give in.

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