To Be a Fine Musician or Music Teacher Then Do

If your goal is to be a private music teacher ask yourself what kind of music teacher do you want to be and what do you have to do in order to achieve it. If you want to be a music teacher, teach private lessons to a few students to learn about yourself.

  • How are your teaching skills?
  • Do you work with others?
  • Can you teach people in an easy to understand method?
  • Do you have the patience?

If you decide, after teaching one or two students, to go forward and start scheduling new students, then good for you. You are now a teacher! If you wanted to be then you had to do.

Do you want to be a fine musician? You will have to do what other fine musicians do in order to reach your goals.

To be in fine musician you have to practice. How good do you want to be? You must set aside time to practice. Thirty minutes a day is just a basic rule of thumb to start learning an instrument and to learn your lesson, but in order to be a great musician you need to spend at least one hour to three maybe four hours a day of good practice to develop technique, muscle memory and to be able to read your music quickly.

Not only will you use your practice time to learn a piece of music, break your practice session up into these different areas:

  • Finger exercises: you need to use your practice time to develop the strength in your fingers. This part of your practice time will also teach you agility so your fingers can quickly cover the keys with the correct fingering from one end of the instrument to the other.
  • Muscle memory: your practice will create muscle memory. Muscle memory is when you brain tells your fingers how to hold a cord on the guitar. How to finger a hot lick on the fret board of your guitar. Muscle memory tells your fingers how to smoothly play an arpeggio or scale.
  • Site reading: this is one of my favorite parts of practice. Site reading is something you can only do one time. Once or twice a week you should open up a brand new piece of music that you have never seen before and play it. This will perfect your ability to recognize timing, key signatures and the feel of the piece in just a couple of measures.
  • Theory: when learning music, don’t forget the theory part of it. That is like trying to play a piano without the black keys. You have to learn the key signatures, tempos, dynamics, marking, etc.

What type of music student do you want to be? If you want to be the music student that gets their lessons completed and marked off every week so that you can progress through your books at a quick pace, then you need to practice every day.

 Jazzed in a Minute Tip

To be a fine musician practice every day. The minimum amount of time spent practicing should be thirty minutes. Add time to your practice to increase your playing and performing abilities.

To be a music teacher, start doing. Teach one or two students. You may want to have a one young student age five to seven and the other student should be a teenager or an adult. You will learn which age group will work best for you.


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