Music Teacher Take a Vacation so you can Stay Jazzed! Part 2

How can you get yourself recharged and excited about teaching? I know as a music teacher you are listening to music all of the time. Take a break from your lesson music and listen to music that is new to you. How about learning a new instrument? If you there is an instrument that you have been wanting to learn, start learning now. If you get good at it then you have created a new stream of income by offering lessons on the new instrument.


I love being able to offer lessons on so many different instruments. My students like it too. They think it is cool and the parents like it because they don’t have to look for another music teacher if the student is ready to move on to a different instrument.

Being able to teach more than one instrument creates versatility for me. If I have a group of students that are learning piano and they are all learning the same music, lessons can be a little boring. Don’t get me wrong. I love that they are learning the music, but I need to hear something new.

I enjoy going from a piano student that is in the primer level of music to a guitar student that has been taking for a few years and we can rock out to Journey, Ozzie, or Tom Petty. It is nice to have the variety of instruments and genres.

I was watching an interview with Ted Nugent, so guess what my guitar students are going to learn? You guessed it, Cat Scratch Fever! Woo Hoo!

If you are teaching guitar not only do you have country or rock music, but it’s fun to really get into the blues, bluegrass and classical. Those genres will really stretch you as a teacher if those are areas of the instrument that you are not that familiar with. If you can learn those new styles on the guitar, you’ve got another way of boosting your teaching because you’re not just a rhythm guitarist.

When people call and ask me what kind of music I teach, I can tell them that I teach all styles of guitar. I’m extremely good at rhythm guitar by I have learned how to play classical guitar, bluegrass, rock and jazz. Now I’m not limited to only one style of teaching.

The same thing is true with woodwind instruments. If you can teach woodwinds you don’t have to stick to marching band music. There are all the new genres of music. I love teaching micro jazz! There are a couple of good books out there one is called “Techno Treat” and the other one is called “Smooth Groove”. I use both of those for clarinet and saxophone. They are awesome and are a very different style of music. The books come with a play-along CD which I love and I the students really are stretched when it comes to this music because there are a lot of very low notes and a lot of very high notes. This will also give your woodwind students a chance to really improve over the summer so they can audition for a better position in the school band.

Jazzed in a minute tip for music

Take time for yourself during the summer. Stretch yourself as a teacher. Learn a new instrument. Learn a new style of music for the instruments that you currently play and offer your students. Get relaxed and recharged over the summer so when all of your students are back and they are all back on a steady schedule you have everything that you need to have awesome lessons.


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