Music Teacher Take a Vacation so you can Stay Jazzed! Part 1

Summer vacation time is upon us, and I am really looking forward to my vacation time.

My plan is to take time for myself. I need a break!

tod_musicI want to create my lesson plans for summer so I can have fun filled “summer” lessons with my students. I have cut back on my summer hours. I am only teaching Monday through Wednesday for the month of June. I may add Thursdays back in the schedule for the month of July. I am doing this to get all of my students together at the beginning of the week instead of having them spread out. When they are spread out during the summer months, it can be frustrating for my plans when they call and let me know that they will not be in for lessons because its summer vacation and something fun has popped up.

Having Thursdays and Fridays off is my time to write, create, work on a marketing plan, start a podcast, and enjoy my new hobby of chalk painting and decoupage.

Please take some time off for yourself if you are a music teacher. Everyone needs a break and you need to recharge your batteries so you can be energized and ready to go when your students come back. Get some exercise in your day. Get up from the piano bench and from behind the guitar and go for a walk! Take a small notepad with you and pen so you can jot down ideas that come to you. You will be surprised at the creative ideas you will generate when you walk.

I will continue my thoughts on summer vacation to for a music teacher in my next blog.


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