Get Jazzed About Patriotic Lessons for July!

Get Jazzed About Patriotic Lessons

The fourth of July will soon be here so how about patriotic music and patriotic themed lessons for July? Decorate your studio with red, white and blue ribbons and you can teach a month of patriotic or state music.

west_virginia_suiteThere is a fantastic series that is put out by Alfred. A group of new composers have compiled their songs about the individual states. Each state has a suite of music. For example the music for the state of West Virginia has three pieces about different landmarks.

Each suite is made up of different styles of music for example: blues, rags, flowing, new age, etc.

I have almost all of the music for each state and I have enjoyed playing each piece. They are wonderful listen to and very entertaining to play.



Clarinet students can enjoy learning their patriotic music with the book, Patriotic Favorites or God Bless Ameripatriotic_favs2ca and Other Star-Spangled Songs. I love the play along series.





Don’t forget the guitar student! There is a patriotic play-along book for them too.




Red, White and Blue Treats

patriotic_dessert2How about serving some tasty treats for your students that are decorated in red white and blue? You can make yogurt parfaits. Vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries are sure to be a hit. You can serve the popsicles that are red, white and blue. Cupcakes with flags, M&M cookies with patriotic candies the list is endless.




rwb_ribbonGet Your Students Jazzed with Contests

  • Have a coloring contest for the 4th of July.
  • Add another practice contest to keep them motivated to practice.
  • Have a contest to see who can learn the most patriotic music.

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