Get Jazzed About Learning a New Instrument For Summer! Part 2

With music lessons during the summer students will learn the basics of music theory. Individual music lessons are a plus when it comes to theory. Theory can be very frustrating if you are a new music student and then all of a sudden you’re thrown in with a whole group of other students who are in the same boat.

mbandEverybody learns at a different pace and the students who are very slow can hold the students that are quick learners back because they grasp onto the music theory. This can be frustrating when you throw a group together where everyone learns at a different pace, but yet they’re all expected to perform at the same level. Get the student signed up for the instrument of their choice and learn that instrument before they go to school. Now whether you have six, eight or nine weeks of summer, which is plenty of time to get very good at an instrument in a short amount of time. In eight weeks they would be halfway through an instructional method book, so by the time they go to school they are already eight weeks ahead of the students in the band.

Set up a time that is good for them to practice. I think mornings are great for this. Just like people need to exercise in the morning to get their day going, get the music practice done in the morning. I think it will get their learning going it will get their brains working. This may also spark extra creativity. They can always come back later in the day to practice more.

Make sure the student has a very nice space. They shouldn’t be interrupted and it should be distraction free. They need to have their own little space and make it special. This will help motivate them to practice if they have an area just for them. Hang music posters on the wall. If there are CDs the student should be practicing with then there needs to be a player available for them.

Remember, you developing a talent that will last a lifetime, so make it fun!



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