Way to Go Jack in the Box®!

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Jack in the Box®, headquartered in Southern California, has partnered with CBS EcoMedia to provide crucial funding to national music education nonprofit Little Kids Rock that will expand the organization’s innovative Modern Band program and strengthen music training throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

little_kids_rOffering musical instruments and teacher training at no charge, Little Kids Rock is the leading nonprofit provider of free music education to public schools across the country. Jack in the Box’s funding will be utilized to deliver 800 new musical instruments, including drums, keyboards and acoustic and bass guitars, to students in 30 LAUSD schools throughout the Los Angeles area.

This project will impact an estimated 13,000 public school students, who receive approximately 92,000 hours of music education a year, spanning popular musical styles including rock, reggae, Latin, R&B and more. Little Kids Rock’s Modern Band program complements existing public school music programs such as jazz band, marching band, chorus and orchestra. Working with their teachers, students learn to perform, improvise and compose using the styles that they know and love.

The partnership was announced at the Little Kids Rock 2015 LA Jam Summit on May 9, where hundreds of students from more than 20 schools in the LAUSD came together to demonstrate their musical skills and celebrate the growth in music education across the city. Representatives from Jack in the Box and CBS EcoMedia joined the performances on the campus of KIPP LA Prep to celebrate this unique partnership. Hosts included Jack in the Box Vice President of Franchise Operations Shane Paul and CBS EcoMedia Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Dan Rodrigues.

“We are honored to help empower so many children in the Los Angeles area and give back to our backyard community,” said Paul. “Proper music education is often overlooked in the public school system and we’re thrilled to contribute in any way we can to this valuable curriculum.”

“Little Kids Rock is so grateful to Jack in the Box for their support of music education in LA’s public schools,” says Little Kids Rock CEO and Founder David Wish. “It’s up to the big people to stand up for kids’ right to rock, and we are excited that Jack in the Box is making music a reality for so many kids!”

“Jack in the Box’s funding will expand an already tremendously successful music education program throughout LAUSD,” said Paul Polizzotto, Founder and President of CBS EcoMedia. “Thousands of additional students will become more confident and learn to harness their creativity while having fun playing music in school.”


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