Reviving Classic Pop Music with Young Musicians

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

I have been teaching my students the music of the musicians that are in the news. It is relevant and the students seem to be enjoying it.

This week my students are learning “Louie, Louie” and “Stand by Me”. A couple of weeks ago they learned Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”.

“Louie, Louie” is such an easy guitar song. Very simple chords and rhythm patterns that students can very easily learn and after playing through the song two times “have it”.

“Stand by Me” by Ben E. King, has that riff that we all know and we can identify the song the moment the music begins to play. My lead guitar student learned the riff and immediately transferred what he learned to the bass guitar and played the bass for the entire piece. His timing was perfect and no dead strings. Way to go Daniel!

Then it was time to learn the strum pattern for “Stand by Me”  I found John Lennon’s version and the students picked it right up.

Within 30 minutes the students had a great grasp of both songs, liked the music and enjoyed the lesson. My one student said, “I wish this was an hour lesson!”

I encourage any music teacher to teach their students the music from the artists who are in the news. It is “news they can use” to pursue their talent and to learn really cool music.


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