Music in our Schools Month: Part 5

Spotlight: Music In Our Schools Month – Fairbanks, AK

The greater Fairbanks community will be filled with the sound of music in March as local students take part in Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM), a nationwide effort that aims to raise awareness about the importance of music education in schools.


Participation in MIOSM increases each year. Schools and communities throughout the U.S. and other countries observe MIOSM with a wide range of activities and concerts that display the benefits of school music for students of all ages.
Locally, music teachers in the school district celebrate MIOSM with a variety of combined concerts that showcase the different levels and types of music that are available to students.

“These concerts allow parents and community members the opportunity to experience all levels of music, from the elementary level to high school,” said North Pole High School instrumental music teacher, Lucas Clooten. “MIOSM helps bring awareness to the importance of music and promotes the value of school, where future musicians first learn how to create music – without music in the schools, the world would be a much less musical place.”

The Fairbanks and North Pole communities will host their own sets of MIOSM performances. The Fairbanks band concert will be on Tuesday, March 11 and the orchestra performance will be on Thursday March 13.

The North Pole orchestra concert will be on Tuesday, March 4 and the band concert will be on Thursday, March 6. Choir performances will be on Monday, March 10 and Tuesday, March 11.

“Music is an integral part of humanity,” added Clooten. “We use it for celebrations and gatherings, relaxation and enjoyment, and whether we produce it or not, we all listen to music.”


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