Kid’s Can Find Rhythm


In my years of teaching music lessons I do have students that have a hard time finding the rhythm in the music.

I had a student that I introduced to the metronome and she couldn’t follow it. Now the metronome can be difficult for anyone that is using it for the first time or two. I broke the measures down as the metronome was clicking so she could understand the counts the notes received.

I then played the music for her with the metronome. Then it was the student’s turn. The metronome threw her off, so I turned it off and I kept counting at a very steady rhythm. It took playing the music through two times and she had it.

Guitar students that learn rhythm can have a very hard time finding the beat. I have learned to tell them: down – down – down- down up down. They repeat it with me, play the air guitar and then apply it to their guitar. A couple of times through and they have the rhythm pattern.

With patience I believe everyone can learn to find their rhythm.


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