Giving a Music Student an Opportunity to Shine

I was thinking about the students that I have been teaching and how it is nice to let them choose the kind of music they want to learn. I use to be very rigid in sticking to a course and not straying from it, but today kids have so many ways to be introduced to new music and to discover their own tastes. I like to help them explore the types of music they are beginning to find interesting.

I have some very young students that are girls and they are really into the stories and movies about princesses, especially Disney princesses. I announced at the end of 2014 that I was going to let them select the type of music they wanted to learn. “Frozen” and “Disney Princesses” won! It is getting them excited with the anticipation that their new music will be coming soon.


This week the music came in and my first student got her new book today. She thought the cover was very pretty and she is very happy with the first piece, “Colors of the Wind.”

This has beautiful accompaniments for the teacher to play with the student.





My other young student chose “Frozen.” She will be receiving her book this week. I know she is very excited about this.






One of my clarinet students is receiving her new book featuring Disney solos from the movies. I really like this book. The pieces will be challenging for her and this year is going to be her year to really develop her playing skills and abilities.


I love getting the new music for my students. I get just as excited for the new tunes as they do if not more.

I encourage any music educator to sprinkle in new music like these along with the traditional method books.



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