Instruments That are Collecting Dust

acoustic_guitarThe beginning of a new year always has people thinking of improvements they can make in their lives. People plan a bucket list, or list habits that they want to break or habits they want to start. I have a suggestion. Do you have an instrument in the house that is collecting dust, or is tucked away in the deepest part of the closet? Pianos can become a very nice piece of furniture. Guitars can become artwork to hang on a wall. Band instruments from years gone by can be be forgotten. How about a plan to dust the instrument off or to dig it out and begin playing again?

If you don’t know where to begin, dig out old music books that you may have used as a kid. You would be surprised at how much you remember if it has been a while since the last time you played. An old chord book for guitar has chords that are still used today. If you are looking for new music, visit your local music store. The books that are there to help you get started are amazing. Band instrument music is very interesting.

The great thing about music books today is that you have an entire selection that comes with play-along CD’s or MP3’s. These books are so much fun! I love having an entire band backing me up when I play. These books really make playing the band instruments fun.

For guitarist may I recommend for chord charts. Any song you hear on the radio that you really like, you can visit this website and download the chord charts and begin playing with the song. I use this site all the time. I also use the chord charts for piano.


Give yourself 15 minutes a day to get started and work your way up to 30 – 45 minutes each day. The best benefit of this hobby is the creativity it brings out in you and the relaxation it can cause. I know some of the best times I have ever played is just before I go to bed. When I’m very tired, I’ll go in and open a piano piece or pick up the guitar and begin playing. Before I know it, an hour has gone by. I’ve enjoyed the quite time and once I start playing, I don’t want to stop.


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