Giving the Gift of Music: Part 2

If you have chosen the instrument for the student in your home and now you are looking for a teacher, you may find them on Craig’s List or at a local music store. Getting a teacher by referral is the best way especially if the person doing the referring has been with the same teacher for a while.

Ask for a meet and greet before signing up for lessons. You need to check out the teacher as well as the environment. See how the student and the teacher interact with one another. This should be a freebie, so please be considerate of the music teacher’s time and show up for the meet and greet.

A lot of music teachers will have a contract for you to sign. This will explain the rules of the studio and the rules about the lessons.

Please speak to your child about the responsibility of practice time during the week. This is extremely important to them learning the lesson. The student should be practicing everyday for 30 minutes.

Enjoy this time in your child’s life. You are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime!


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