The Kitchen Band

When I was young around 9 or 10, my parents put me in a Kitchen Band. My mom played the piano, and then about 30 of us kids played “kitchen instruments”. I remember it being a lot of fun and we didn’t have to know how to read music. We were in parades and we put on concerts at the retirement centers.

If you ever come across a kitchen band for kids in your area, why not put them in? In the meantime you can create your own “kitchen band instruments” for your kids. They will have so much fun with them and you may spark the fire of musicianship!

Paul Bakeman says, with a few cooking supplies turned instruments, you can teach preschoolers and kindergartners to find the beat and hear the different sounds of percussion.
What you’ll need

Items found in the kitchen made of metal and wood (spoons, a cutting board, skewers, pots and pans, etc.) and things that can serve as a drum, such as an empty oatmeal container or a plastic bowl
A small metal spoon to use as a mallet
Any recorded music that has a strong beat

How to do it

Help your child find kitchen supplies from each of the percussion groups: wood, metal, and plastic or cardboard (for the drum). You’ll also need to find something to use as a mallet — a small metal spoon works well — for the instruments requiring one (like the pots and pans, plastic bowl, or cutting board).

Put on music with a strong, steady beat and play along, helping your child to find the rhythm. Switch instruments often to hear the various sounds, and experiment with how and where you strike the pots, pans, and bowls. Tap and scrape to find new sounds as you and your child march around the house in your own kitchen band parade.

I say: you can get kazoos and attach funnels to them and then kids will have a horn to play.

Springs Kitchen Band

Sophomore Kitchen Band

Vembadi ‘Kitchen Band’

Waterloo Kitchen Band


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