The Family of Contrabass Instruments: Contra Bugle

Contrabass instruments are pitched one octave below bass. These instruments have low, rich, tones and are very large.

Contra Bugle

cbugleThe contrabass bugle, usually shortened to contra, is the lowest-pitched instrument in the drum and bugle corps hornline. It is essentially the drum corps’ counterpart to the marching band’s sousaphone: the lowest-pitched member of the hornline, and a replacement for the concert tuba on the marching field.

It is different from the other members of the marching band and drum corps hornlines in that it rests on the shoulder of the player, rather than being held in front of the body. Because this orientation can obstruct standard headgear, it is not uncommon for contrabass players to wear a beret instead of whatever else the rest of the ensemble is wearing for headgear. This also gives the players some distinction from the rest of the brass ensemble.

Price: $275 up to $4,000

Sonic Boom

Funkafried – This sounds awesome!

I hope you enjoy learning about these amazing and amazingly large instruments!


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