Music Appreciation: The Baritone

The baritone horn is a low-pitcBaritonehed brass instrument. Baritone horn is a piston valve brass instrument with a predominantly cylindrical bore like the trumpet and uses a wide-rimmed cup mouthpiece like that of its peers the trombone and euphonium, for like the trombone and the euphonium, the baritone horn is pitched in B♭ one octave below the B♭ trumpet.




The baritone horn has largely receded into the background in the concert band world of today. Notable artists who are today referenced as great baritone horn and/or euphonium players include Mel Sykes, Simone Mantia, and Leonard Falcone. The Leonard Falcone International Tuba and Euphonium Festival is a notable venue for aspiring artists on euphonium, but its namesake played baritone horn on his many recordings. Legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson used a baritone horn in the song “Gospel John” and in one of his three solos (the other two involving a valved trombone and a trumpet) in a live performance of one of his songs “Great Guns”.

Listen to this beautiful Baritone solo: The Swan



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