Music Appreciation – The Clarinet

The Clarinet is the only single-reed instrument in the symphony orchestra. The tone of the clarinet is dark and hollow sounding. The clarinet player is referred to as a clarinetist.

The symphonic clarinet was invented by a German inventor named Johann Christoph Denner in the first part of the 18th century. Vivaldi and Handel were the first of the great composers to write music for the clarinet. Mozart and Beethoven followed with beautiful chamber works for this instrument, but Romantic Era composers like Carl Maria von Weber, Schumann, and Brahms were the ones who really showed the full potential of the clarinet as a solo instrument.

These songs feature the clarinet.

    • When I’m Sixty Four – The Beatles

Famous Clarinet Players
Anton Stadler
Johann Simon Hermstedt
Heinrich Baermann
Carl Baermann
Richard Mühlfeld
Jack Brymer
Karl Leister
Dieter Klöcker
Jost Michaels
Richard Stoltzman
Charles Neidich
Sabine Meyer
Sharon Kam
Martin Fröst
Julian Bliss
Benny Goodman – Oh, Baby
Giora Feidman
Hüsnü Senlendirici
Vasilios Saleas
Allen, Woody
Bilk, Acker
Bliss, Julian
Cahuzac, Louis
Drucker, Stanley
Dolphy, Eric – Ode to CP
Ettlinger, Yona
Fazola, Irving
Fountain, Pete
Helliwell, John
Herman, Woody – Body and Soul
Kovacs, Bela
Marriner, Andrew – Allegro
Shaw, Artie – Lady Day


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