Do You Know Your State’s Song?

I have a student that is a geography and history buff. He knows that I have this blog and was asking me about the music of the different countries. I thought about it and decided I would start with the United States first. Thanks for the idea Michael!

Alabama – Alabama

Alaska – Alaska’s Flag Song

Arizona – Arizona

Arkansas – Oh, Arkansas

California – I Love You California

Colorado – Where the Columbines Grow

Connecticut – Yankee Doodle

Delaware – Our Delaware

Florida – Swanee River

Georgia – Georgia on My Mind

Hawaii – Hawaii Ponoi

Idaho – Here We Have Idaho

Illinois – Illinois

Indiana – On the Banks of the Wabash

Iowa – Song of Iowa

More to come!


7 thoughts on “Do You Know Your State’s Song?

  1. says:

    Brenda, I just love this series. I’ve recently moved to the Georgia coast and I’m so glad to discover that my new state song is “Georgia on My Mind.” And no one does it better than Ray Charles! 🙂 ~Terri

    • brendamueller says:

      I know. Ray is great! I was glad to see that some states have an original song. Many other states have the same tune with different words. I think all the states should have a new one written that is more upbeat and up-to-date.

      Maybe the states need to have a State Song Contest!

  2. brendamueller says:

    Thank you for linking. I just followed your link, and the pictures are beautiful! I really enjoy reading about the different places you have been. Soon, I hope to start adding a new series of piano solos that are musical pictures about each state.

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