I Love a Piano!

Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.
Tom Lehrer

The piano is an amazing instrument. Did you know that it’s original name was the pianoforte. Piano means soft and forte means loud. The name was eventually shortened to “piano”. Before the piano there was the harpsichord. The harpsichord could only be played at one level. No matter how hard you hit the keys of the harpsichord the sound will always be the same.

Learn piano first!

If you haveMusic Education a future musician in your home and you want to get them started in music, have them learn music on the piano first. Here is the reason; the student will learn all the notes on the staff from the lowest to the highest with the piano. The student learns hand and eye coordination. Music theory is easier to learn because the piano is the greatest tool for learning.

When a student learns to play a band instrument with no prior music education, they will learn only the notes for that instrument. They will learn only the notes that the right hand plays on the piano or only the notes that the left hand plays on the piano. And they only learn to play one note at a time. With the piano, you can easily play 6 – 8 notes at one time.

After the student learns the how to play the piano, even if it is for only 2 years, any other instrument will be easy for them to learn. 98% of all of my students are on their second and third instruments.

Is the piano for everyone? No.

There are a few exceptions. I have had students start out on the piano and it was not for them. Most people do great with the piano, but if they want to learn another instrument, for example the guitar, their learning will be very quick for them and then the fun really begins. They will find a passion for the other instrument, but they will keep practicing the piano.

Tony DeSare is an amazing pianist! Please enjoy this piece.


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