Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Andersen

Music is so important in everyday life. Why is it that couples have a song? Why do certain pieces of music remind us of a happy or a sad times?

We need music in our life. It colors or world in a way that words cannot. It gives movement to our thoughts and our feelings. When we are happy we can play a happy tune whether it be on our iPod or sitting down with an instrument and playing a favorite song.

When we are sad we play music that reflects the sorrow we feel. We can also play a happy song when we are sad. For example, if a loved one passes away we are sad because of our loss, so we may listen to music that has a somber tone. During that same time of sadness we may choose to play the favorite song of our loved one because it make us feel closer to them and it can bring a smile to our heart during that painful time.

I tell my students to run to their music to express their feelings. When they are frustrated or angry because of something that happened during their day, then they should play “angry”. Let it out! A person can take the most mundane piece of music and play it so it expresses how they feel. The same goes for when they are feeling exuberant or excited. Sit down and play a piece of music as fast as you can or give it some swing!

Pay attention to the music you choose to reflect your emotions. Use music to give you a pick-me-up when you need it.



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