Let’s Get Jazzed About Practice!

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Kids on the other hand can look at practice like it is a chore. Well I don’t want them to do that!

If the student is over the age of seven, thirty minutes of practice is a good goal to set. If they are younger than seven, their attention span isn’t very long. I suggest that you break up their practice time. Have them practice two or three times each day.

Here is a great rule of thumb:

  • After the music lesson with the teacher, have the student run through their new lesson before they go to bed. (Play each piece one time.)
  • First day of practice after their music lesson, have the student play each song 5 times. (5 is the magic number for getting song correct!)
  • Second day after their music lesson, practice each piece 4 times.
  • Third day practice each piece 3 times.
  • The rest of the week play each piece 2 times.

Don’t ever make practice a punishment and don’t ever withhold practice as a punishment!

I hope this helps parents get jazzed about their student’s lesson and gets them to participate in the learning process!


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